📍 Origin: Taiwan, introduced to Vietnam recently.
Uses: relax, stimulate blood circulation, do not itch oily skin, reduce fungus, itching, limit hair loss or premature graying, relieve headaches, dizziness
⏱Time: 90 minutes
🎎 Target audience: all ages, genders, pregnant mothers, nursing mothers
💸 Price: 350k / retail session, SOCK price is selling 299k. Buy 10 sessions get 3 more – Buy 20 sessions get 37 more
🚏 Products used in service:  total from nature gradients
☃️ Details of the 12-step process:
💫 B1: Relax with heated antidote essential oil.
💫 B2: Press the facial acupoint.
💫 B3: Relax the head area with the Y-shaped energy bar.
💫 B4: Massage neck and shoulders to clear meridians.
💫 B5: Wash the essence extracted from the Herbal Essence pack
💫 B6: Massage and clean the scalp with a meridian comb
💫 B7:  Exfoliate the scalp and hair cream.
💫 B8: Steam the head area with herbal essence pack
💫 B9: Massage both hands to immediately relieve aches and pains.
💫 B10: Clean your hair with warm water.
💫 B11: Dry your hair, press the back of the neck.
💫 B12: Use scalp moisturizing essence, hair spray and hair dryer
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